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Each Chakra is a Doorway to Self-discovery: Blueprint of your 114 Chakras

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“Each chakra is a doorway to self-discovery. Within your 114 chakras, lies your blueprint of highest potential.” – Sri Amit Ray

Have you ever wondered about the hidden power within you? Great master, Sri Amit Ray once said, “Each chakra is a doorway to self-discovery. Within your 114 chakras, lies your blueprint of highest potential.” These profound words hold the key to unlocking a journey of self-realization and personal transformation.… Read more

Leadership Chakras

Leadership Chakras in the Human Body

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“The 21 leadership chakras in the human body are like tuning forks; they influence others. Leadership is creating resonance and melody in them.” –  His Holiness Sri Amit Ray

There are two types of motivational chakras for leadership in human body. They are related to the internal and external factors. The intrinsic motivational chakras create motivation and inspiration from the inside and the extrinsic motivation chakras are inspired by the external inputs.… Read more

Five Elements Purification Meditation

Bhuta Shuddhi: The Five Elements Purification Meditation

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Do you know you can do Bhuta Shuddhi or purification for the 114 chakras with the help of the the five great elements? These elements includes earth, water, fire, air and space. They are known as Pancha Mahabhuthas. They are the root of causes imbalances in the body that lead to disease.

Bhuta Shuddhi is one of the fundamental yoga processes that is used in many yoga and Ayurveda traditions for removing the toxins from the body, mind and soul.… Read more

Daily Meditation Guidelines

Daily Meditation Guidelines: Three Easy Steps

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A regular routine for meditation is invaluable. There are various types of meditation techniques, but the Ray 114 chakras meditation techniques are most balanced and deep.

Here, you will get a general guideline for daily mediation.

When to Meditate

Anytime that works for you, particularly if it is the same time every day. However, Amrita Vela ( 2.5 hours before sunrise) or the Brahma muhurt (1.5 hours before sunrise), are the best time for meditation.… Read more