Leadership Chakras in the Human Body

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Leadership Chakras

“The 21 leadership chakras in the human body are like tuning forks; they influence others. Leadership is creating resonance and melody in them.” –  His Holiness Sri Amit Ray

There are two types of motivational chakras for leadership in human body. They are related to the internal and external factors. The intrinsic motivational chakras create motivation and inspiration from the inside and the extrinsic motivation chakras are inspired by the external inputs.

Activating the Yashasvini nadis, which is the primary energy channel for inspiring others, activates the leadership chakras and the leadership traits. Moreover, there are 114 chakras in human body. Among them 21 chakras are related to the leadership qualities,  leadership skills.

People who are intrinsically driven engage in activities because they find them interesting and rewarding. Extrinsically driven persons, on the other hand, participate in an activity to get some melodic separable consequence, such as obtaining a reward, avoiding a punishment, or achieving a valued outcome.

Leadership traits of a person are influenced by a variety of elements, including a person’s internal physiological states, current environmental conditions, and previous history as well as experiences.

However, the leadership chakras in the body can be trained to develop high level leadership qualities that can motivate others.