How to Activate All the 114 Chakras

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Chakra awakening is a systematic process. You can activate your 114 chakras. Sri Amit Ray discovered all the 114 chakras in 2005. After that thousands of students learned from him. I learnt it from him. He has a specific instruction and awakening process for the 114 chakras.

To activate all the 114 chakras, the steps are as follows:

  1. Be familiar with the names and locations of all 114 chakras.
  2. Understand the 114 chakras’ functions.
  3. Understand the classifications of the 114 chakras.
  4. Know your exact sequence of awaking the 114 chakras from Sri Amit Ray
  5. Understand chakra compatibility.
  6. Understand the master mantras and the chakra petals.
  7. Be familiar with meditation techniques and pathways.

How to Activate the 114 Chakras

The Ray 114 system works on the body, mind, and soul in a systematic and rational way.

To activate the 114 chakras, you need to follow a special sequential chakra activation process. Without that, your system may be complicated. To activate the 114 chakras, you must undergo a systematic mantra purification process, which includes breathing exercises, yoga exercises, and meditation. This includes understanding each of the 114 chakra names, locations, and functions. Identifying blocked, overactive, or underactive chakras and working to resolve them is also necessary.

It is a systematic, disciplined process of awakening, not a quick one. As you progress through this practice, you will awaken the chakras in your energy systems’ deeper layers.

Each step of this journey is critical, necessitating patience, dedication, and adherence to the prescribed practice sequence. This disciplined approach allows practitioners to achieve profound levels of spiritual growth and self-realization. The transformation can only take place if the various guidelines and practice orders are strictly followed.

The awakening process and experiences vary from person to person, depending on their commitment, practices, and willingness to change. Each person’s journey is unique, influenced by their commitment to spiritual development and willingness to explore the deeper inner realms. It’s a deeply personal journey, with outcomes as diverse as the paths taken. This 114 chakra training produces long-term and graceful deeper awakenings.

Balanced chakras can enhance intuitive abilities, allowing people to trust their inner guidance and intuition more easily. Properly functioning chakras contribute to better physical health by supporting the optimal functioning of organs, glands, and bodily systems. Harmonized chakras promote healthy relationships by instilling empathy, compassion, and effective communication skills with others.

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