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How to Activate All the 114 Chakras

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Chakra awakening is a systematic process. You can activate your 114 chakras. Sri Amit Ray discovered all the 114 chakras in 2005. After that thousands of students learned from him. I learnt it from him. He has a specific instruction and awakening process for the 114 chakras.

To activate all the 114 chakras, the steps are as follows:

  1. Be familiar with the names and locations of all 114 chakras.
  2. Understand the 114 chakras’ functions.
  3. Understand the classifications of the 114 chakras.
  4. Know your exact sequence of awaking the 114 chakras from Sri Amit Ray
  5. Understand chakra compatibility.
  6. Understand the master mantras and the chakra petals.
  7. Be familiar with meditation techniques and pathways.

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