Chakra opening symptoms: When the chakras are open, how do you feel?

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What are the five top chakra opening symptoms? When the chakras are open, how do you feel? These are the basic questions in chakra and Reiki healing and meditation.

Some of the chakras in the morning are naturally open in the morning hours. When you experience deep peace and clarity in your mind, you should be aware that a few brain chakras are open. Similarly, throughout the day, some chakras are opening and closing. You will understand them if you are aware.

When the 114 chakras are open and balanced as taught by Sri Guru Amit Ray,  you will feel divine bliss in your whole body and mind. Your mind will be free from negativity. The anger, fear and frustrations will be removed from your mind.

If you feel headache, depressions, unnecessary body movements, excessive heat,  and strange sensations in the body know for sure you are not opening the chakras but killing the chakras.

The main chakra imbalance symptoms are: pain, stiffness, restlessness, excessive heat, and headache. If you feel these symptoms, you need to balance all the chakras. Because the chakras work in a network.

Generally, partial kundalini awakening through seven chakra system are dangerous. The traditional 7 chakra system may create some imbalances in the body and mind. Hence, it should be avoided and you should activate the 114 chakras in the whole body in proper way.

There are five main types of chakra system; Sri Amit Ray’s 114 chakra system, 21 chakra system, 12 chakra system and the traditional 7 chakra system and the 5 chakra system. Hence, the chakra opening experiences varies from tradition to tradition and person to person.  To get the best chakra awakening experience, you need proper guidance and the techniques.

The Five Chakra Opening Symptoms

The chakra opening symptoms include:

  1. Feelings of deep blissfulness: The first symptom of chakra opening is that you will be accessing your bliss body. You will feel your whole body and mind are full of bliss.
  2. Free from negative emotions: You will be free from all negative emotions like fear, anxiety, worry, and jealousy.
  3. You will know your past lives: The mystery of the past lives will be revealed to you gradually.
  4. Feelings of deep compassion: You will develop a deep compassion for all beings.
  5. Feeling of oneness: You will feel a deep oneness with the cosmos.


If you are feeling some pain or unnecessary movements in your body and not feeling the above symptoms or signs of joy, then know for sure you are not opening your chakras, but you are opening your pain body. You need to stop the practices and find out the true way of doing chakra meditation.

I hope you have learnt about all the chakra opening symptoms. If you open and balance your chakras properly, the chakras will be your best friend till the end!