Bhuta Shuddhi: The Five Elements Purification Meditation

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Five Elements Purification Meditation

Do you know you can do Bhuta Shuddhi or purification for the 114 chakras with the help of the the five great elements? These elements includes earth, water, fire, air and space. They are known as Pancha Mahabhuthas. They are the root of causes imbalances in the body that lead to disease.

Bhuta Shuddhi is one of the fundamental yoga processes that is used in many yoga and Ayurveda traditions for removing the toxins from the body, mind and soul.

Five Great Elements

According to the yoga traditions of India, everything in the cosmos is made up of five great elements.

  1. Jala (Water)
  2. Prthvi (Earth)
  3. Agni (Fire)
  4. Vayu (Air)
  5. Akash (Ether)
Five Elements

Five Elements

Benefits of Five Elements Purification

The primary benefits of five elements purifications are as follows:

  • Keeps the system in harmony and balance

  • Prepares the system to handle powerful states of energy

  • Enhances the capabilities of the physical body, mind, and energy system

  • Creates the basis to gain complete mastery over the human system

Purification Mantras for Five elements

The purpose of the mantra is to fix the mind, dropping the self, then out of that spaciousness a lot of potential can arise; so take time to drop the self. It is very important to start every practice of five element purifications.

Movement of the body and the mind is the key to Bhuta Shuddhi kriya.  The Ray 114 chakra tradition gives specific instructions for the movement to get the inner silence, of leaving no trace of self, a true taste of pure being.

The 114 chakras and Bhuta Suddhi

The 114 chakras and Bhuta Suddhi

1. Jala (Water)

Jala is the liquid state of matter. Water can bind substances and therefore also builds our body by binding cells together. Too much of it can cause excess mucus, swelling of glands, joint problems and edemas.

We have to take care which water we bring in our body. It should not only be free of dirt and bacteria, it should also carry good qualities. Water stores information, just like a computer. We can simply put information into the water by handling it with gratitude. That will change the molecular structure of this live-making material.

The best way is to keep water is in a cooper jar. Further we should eat meals with a high-water content. Most western meals are very dry, so you have to drink water with it. It is better to eat vegetables (>70% water) and fruits (>90% water) than cooked meat (<50% water).

2. Prithvi (Earth)

Prithvi is the solid state of matter. Earth consists of the other four elements (ether, air, fire, water) and give structure and strength to the body. Excess earth in the body can cause blockage of blood vessels, loss of appetite, heaviness of limbs and rigidity of joints. A shortage can lead to weak muscles.

To cleanse the element earth, we have to keep contact with the earth. Several so called “grounding exercises” show us how to do it. Walk barefoot in your garden, mosh around in the soil, do gardening. It is essential to our wellbeing that we keep in touch with the soil, with mother earth.

3. Vayu (Air)

Vayu is the gaseous state of matter. Air is the most dynamic element of the five. It governs all the movement in the body (e.g. breathing, opening and closing of eyelids, extension and contraction of joints). An imbalance of Vayu leads to dryness, coldness and increased sensitivity in the body. Constipation, lethargy, dry cough, insomnia are related problems.

We can cleanse the elements air with our way of breathing and the quality of air we inhale. In big cities you may not get a very good quality of air, therefore it is important that you find ways to get some good air as well: Take a walk in the park or along a along a river and go out of the city on weekends. If it is not possible for you to get good air like this every day, you can practice Nadi Shuddhi (also called Nadi Shodhana). This is a yogic breathing technique, which will cleanse your nadis (energy channels) through which prana (life force) flows.

4. Agni (Fire)

Agni is the power of transformation of matter. Fire can only be present in a space (Ether), where there is movement (Air). It causes heat and light. Excess fire can lead to fever, hyperacidity, inflammation and aggression. A lack of fire in the body results in low absorption of nutrients and building up of toxins.

To cleanse the element of fire you can take some sunlight every day. The best time for that is before 10am, when there is a high concentration of blue light. You can cleanse your fire element and your aura in a shamanic fire ceremony.

5. Akash (Ether)

Akash is the space where matter exists. Ether is a hollow space in which one has the freedom to move around. It is the lightest element of all. It is said, that only God is lighter then Akash. This element is present in the hollow cavities of the body. Ether doesn’t mean emptiness, it is a special form of matter that fills the void. Akash is limitless. The more Akash one has in his body, the colder it is. Related problems are osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases.

For living a happy and healthy life you don’t have to bother about ether. By cleansing the four elements water, earth, air and fire you enable yourself for a healthy existence. Akash only become important if you want to explore higher and more vast phenomena, if you want to understand the mystical. To cleanse Akash, you acknowledge its existence and show gratitude for holding you and this planet in place.


Bhuta Shuddhi or five element purification is a grand way to eliminate toxins from the body, mind and soul. The mantra chanting of the Ray 114  chakras brings balances and inner silence. It removes the negative energies from life.