The 114 Chakras Training Courses

You can learn and activate your 114 chakras.

The chakras are a network of intelligent energy vortexes in the energy body system. In his deep meditations in the Himalayas, the great spiritual master Sri Amit Ray discovered the 114 chakras in the human body. Activating and balancing these 114 chakras makes the human body whole and healthy. You can increase your healing energies, inner resilience, creativity, self-realization, and meditation powers.

The 114 Chakras Map Training

Our purpose is to create a compassionate, happy, and healthy world. We want happy and healthy families across the world. We believe the Ray 114 chakra system meditation and exercises are the keys to achieve that.

The Ray 114 Chakra Meditation and Healing Institute is built to make meditation, healing, self-realization, and leadership building easy and effortless.

The tools and techniques of the Ray 114 Chakras meditation help the world’s leading meditation teachers, healing masters, Reiki masters, yoga teachers, sports personalities, CEO’s, business leaders, and top professionals to grow, manifest, build values, and inner strength.

The 114 Chakras Healing and Leadership Courses

Ray 114 chakras meditations courses are designed to help the top professionals and leaders of the world to get optimal balance and benefits from meditations. Hundreds of students has been benefited by our meditation,  self-realization, leadership, and healing classes.

We believe that today’s leaders and professionals need mission-critical insights – in real time to build a happy, healthy, energetic and fulfilling life. Hence, we guide you to achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose of life. We also, train people for deep meditation and higher spirituality with an easy, effective and accessible way.

In addition, our classes will help you to boost your emotional intelligence, positivity, and mental strength.

1. Ray 114 Chakra System Advanced Meditation Course

You will learn the art of activating the 114 chakras. You will know the names, locations, functions of the 114 chakras. Further, you will learn the art of deep meditations. You will learn to cultivate self-awareness,  respond rather than react to stress, change habitual reactivity patterns.

2. Ray 114 Chakras Leadership Training Classes

Our Ray 114 chakras leadership training class is an unique opportunity for successful executives to accelerate their potential. Moreover, this courses help in preparing for  the new challenges.  Our meditation techniques and the courses will help the aspiring students, new entrepreneurs, professionals, or seasoned leaders to bring out the best of their life.

Daily 114 chakras Meditation

Daily 114 Chakras Meditation Online Courses

You will learn the 114 chakras based self-awareness, emotional intelligence, deep concentration, focus, manifestation, value driven communication, mindful leadership, and compassion driven leadership skills. .

The 114 chakra system management classes will train you to make change management and handling the challenges of life easy and effortless. Our compassion driven leadership courses will help you to build new skills of inner visions.

3. Third-Eye Activation Leadership Classes

This will help you to activate the third-eye and develop supernatural power of manifestation and leadership development. It will bring influence and transformation into your relationships, workplace, communities and nations.

4. The 114 Chakras Mantra Based Seed Transformation Program 

Our Mantra Based Seed Transformation Program is an unique unconventional, online learning experience, goes beyond ordinary life but acquiring deeper leadership skills.

5. Aura Cleansing and Energy Healing Classes 

Aura is an energy field around every living body. In human beings, it is a storehouse of all negative and positive energies. Creating an energy shield is a great way to start practicing energy work and creating a spiritual space for yourself. Aura Cleansing and Energy Healing Classes will help you to improve your health, positive mindset, and remove the negative thoughts and energies from your life.

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