Are there 112 or 114 chakras?

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There are actually 114 chakras in the human subtle energy system. Around 2005, Sri Amit Ray uncovered the existence of 114 chakras during his deep meditative explorations in the Himalayas. A more comprehensive system, the 114 chakras account for the wide range of human emotions and mental states. Any reduction in the numbers of the chakras is a misinterpretation of the total subtle energy system.

Are there 112 or 114 chakras

Are there 112 or 114 chakras

Initially, Guruji, Sri Amit Ray, used to teach his students the 7, 21, 112, and 114 chakras. The 7, 12, 21, 108, and 112 chakras are simplified versions of the Ray 114 chakras, total energy system. Guruji, Sri Amit Ray, also classified the 114 energy vortexes in the energy bodies into 15 categories, each of which corresponded to a particular facet of the human experience, including the physical body, emotions, intellect, and spirit. Once you understand the power of the 114 chakras, you will go for that only.

How to Activate all the 114 Chakras

The Ray 114 system works on the body, mind, and spirit in structured and logical steps. To activate all the 114 chakras, you need to strictly follow the proper chakra sequence, mantras, and guidelines. It is a systematic, disciplined process of awakening, not a sudden one. As you move along this continuum of practice, you will awaken the chakras of the deeper layers of your energy bodies.

Each step in this journey is vital, requiring patience, dedication, and a commitment to following the prescribed order of practice. Through this disciplined approach, practitioners can tap into profound levels of spiritual growth and self-realization. The transformation can only occur if the various guidelines and practice order are strictly followed.

The awakening process and experiences differ from person to person, depending on their commitment, practices, and openness to change. Each person’s journey is unique, shaped by their dedication to spiritual development and willingness to explore the deeper inner realms. It’s a deeply personal journey with outcomes as varied as the paths chosen. The results of this 114 chakras training are long-term, and graceful deeper awakening.

How is the 114-chakra system better than 7 chakras?

The 114 chakras of Sri Amit Ray traditions have overcome some of the limitations of the traditional 7 chakras. These additional chakras can provide a more detailed map of the body’s complex interplay between hormones, neurotransmitters, the HPA axis and the gut-brain axis, the subtle energy system’s role in manifestation, the subtle energy system’s connection to cosmic consciousness, and the subtle energy system’s role in the healing process.

Limitations of the 7 Chakra System

The traditional 7 chakra system does not provide a detailed map of the gut-brain axis or the central line of the body. Instead, it focuses on the major energy centers located along the spine, starting from the base of the spine and ending at the top of the head. While the 7 chakras are important, they do not fully capture the complexity of the subtle energy system and its relationship to the body’s all psychological and spiritual processes.

In contrast, the Sri Amit Ray’s 114 chakras provide a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of the subtle energy system’s relationship to the gut-brain axis and the central line of the body. For example, the 15th chakra, located in the lower abdomen, provides more control over the sacral plexus chakra, which is a complex network of nerves that regulates the digestive system. The 32nd chakra, located in the middle of the spine, is associated with the sympathetic nervous system, which plays a crucial role in the stress response and the regulation of various psychological functions.

Moreover, the Sri Amit Ray’s 114 chakras provide a more detailed map of the central line, and front line of the energy centers of the body. For example, the 28th chakra, located at the base of the spine, provides more control on the root chakra and the flow of energy through the sushumna and other spinal nadis. The 77th chakra, located in the center of the head, is associated with the pineal gland and the flow of spiritual energy through the sushumna nadi.

The 114 Chakras

The 114 Chakras Course

The 112 Chakras and the 114 Chakras

The 112 chakra system does not include the two Deep Cosmic Connection chakras, which limits its ability to address the deeper spiritual aspects of the subtle energy system fully. The entire human experience is a 114 chakra energy vibration. Any diminution in the number of chakras is a misunderstanding. The 114 chakras are seen to be a more comprehensive system than the 112 chakras since they include the complexities of total human experiences.

To unleash the full potential of all 114 chakras, you must stick closely to the proper chakra sequence, mantras, and guidelines provided by the system. This transformation isn’t sudden; it’s a disciplined practice of awakening. As you progress, you gradually stimulate the chakras of your deeper energy bodies, revealing your hidden potential.


Overall, the Sri Amit Ray’s 114 chakras provide a more holistic and integrated understanding of the subtle energy system and its relationship to the body’s physiological processes, including the gut-brain axis, and the central line of the body. This framework can potentially offer a more detailed and comprehensive approach to spiritual practices, manifestation frameworks, healing, and total well-being.