114 chakras in human body

Full Body 114 Chakras Map

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The 114 chakras are the primary energy points distributed throughout your five energy bodies. Here is what you should know about these energy centers.

The traditional teachings primarily focus on the seven major chakras aligned along the spine. However, in the tradition of Sri Amit Ray, for finer control, deeper healing, and spirituality, the 114 chakras add many subtler layers to the five energy bodies of the human body, mind, and consciousness.

The full body 114-chakra map includes not only the physical energy body but also all five subtle energy bodies, and the 72000 nadis.¬†Guruji, Sri Amit Ray, classified the full body’s 114 chakras into nine interconnected layers.

In this article, we embark on a journey to understand the intricate web of these energy centers and explore the legacy teachings of Sri Amit Ray in unraveling their mysteries.

“Peer into the multidimensional realm of the full-body 114 chakras map, where energy flows and souls awaken.” – Sri Amit Ray

In deep spirituality and energy healing, the concept of chakras holds profound significance. People widely acknowledge the existence of seven major chakras along the human spine, according to tradition. However, the revered spiritual master, Sri Amit Ray, discovered the fascinating concept of 114 chakras in 2005, delving deeper into this ancient wisdom.Read More »Full Body 114 Chakras Map

What Are the 7 Chakras and How Can You Balance Them?

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Balancing the 7 chakras includes mantras, crystals, yoga exercises. The 7 chakras are powerful energy centers that play a vital role in your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The journey of understanding the 114 chakras and embracing Sri Amit Ray’s legacy is a profound exploration of the human potential and the interconnectedness of all beings.